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property Law Conveyancing

We are able to offer you professional and practical advice on all property law matters from start to finish. Due to our experience and familiarity with the conveyancing process we can make your purchase or sale of a property a stress free experience.

Our real estate experience includes the following areas:

  • Purchase and sale of residential real estate.

  • Purchase and sale of commercial real estate.

  • Purchase and sale of industrial real estate.

  • Strata Title and Community Title.

  • Boundary and neighbor disputes.

  • Breach of covenants.

  • Commercial and retail leases.

  • Buying and selling a business.

  • Lodgement of caveats.

  • Severance of joint tenancy.

  • Off the plan purchases.

  • Retirement villages.

  • Property development.

  • Press Conveyancing button below that details what is involved in Conveyancing.

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